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Preparing for a Visit to the Dentist in Rockville, MD

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Whether it has been months or years since you visited your dentist in Rockville, MD, you always want to be sure that you are prepared for your appointment.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions surrounding dental visits.

When Should I Visit My Dentist?

You should always schedule regular visits with your dentist in order to address any current dental issues.

Dental visits can also be a great way to address any potential dental problems, before they develop in to something bigger.

If you notice any sensitivity in your teeth, issues with your gums, or bad breath, you should visit your dentist.

Additionally, if you are pregnant, use tobacco products or undergoing medical treatments, a dentist can help determine how this has affected your oral health.

Do I Need to See a Dentist If I Have No Concerns?

Yes. Even if you have not noticed any symptoms of dental issues, it is very important that you visit your dentist in order to maintain optimal oral health.

How Often Should I See the Dentist in Rockville?

While there is no real treatment schedule, most patients visit their dentist one to two times every year.

What are Best Practice of Oral Health?

In order to present the best smile to your dentist it is important to do the work ahead of time.

Brushing twice per day is recommended as the standard for oral hygiene.

Additionally, you should practice flossing every day in order to keep your smile fresh and clean.

Lastly, the best thing you can do for the health of your teeth and gums is to schedule regular dental cleaning and appointments with your dentist. 

Getting Ready to Visit the Dentist in Rockville, MD

At Hackley DDS, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional dental care to the Rockland, MD community.

To learn more about the services we offer at Hackley DDS, contact our office online or call (301) 917-3964 to schedule your next dental visit.

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