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Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels Rockville Maryland

Chemical Peels in Rockville, Maryland

A chemical peel can be a person’s best friend, especially if that person suffers from fine lines, mild scars, certain types of acne, age spots, or even freckles and dark patches!

A peel is one of the go-to treatments to give your skin a glow and can be repeated every one to four weeks.

Why Choose Chemical Peels?

In addition to treating various issues, peels also stimulate collagen production and skin growth, which has lasting effects.

It also increases your skin’s hydration and allows your skincare products to penetrate deeper, making topical products much more effective.

If that wasn’t enough, this is all accomplished in thirty minutes to an hour!

What Does a Chemical Peel Feel Like?

During a peel, it’s normal to feel some burning for the first five to ten minutes, followed by a stinging sensation.

Pain medications aren’t generally needed unless you’re getting a deep peel.

When Will I See Chemical Peel Results?

You can expect to see the old skin peel off, similar to what you’d see with a sunburn, for a few days before you see results.

The effects can last anywhere from one month to several years. A lighter peel will last one to two months, while a stronger peel can last years.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

You may be an ideal candidate for a chemical peel if you have skin concerns such as:

  • Acne
  • Sun Damage
  • Uneven Tone

Other issues and some skin types are more likely to have pigment changes after a peel, and those with a family history of skin discoloration aren’t good candidates for peels.

What’s the Key to a Flawless Complexion With a Chemical Peel?

The key to a great peel is to choose an excellent technician. Selecting a professional practice can minimize the likelihood of discoloration and extend that beautiful glow.

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