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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting in Rockville

Allowing for Successful Dental Restoration Treatments

Bone grafting Rockville can provide your teeth, gums, jaw and even your cheeks with the support needed to receive a healthy and functional smile. The main reason for needing bone grafting would be for dental implants of other restoration treatments. Many times, the success of the restoration treatment depends on shape, depth, or size of the jaw bone. It is common for the jaw bone to have been damaged or deteriorated and the bone grafting treatment allows for there to be a stable foundation for the implants. Rochelle Hackley, DDS, LLC can provide you with skilled grafting services so you can have a successful restoration treatment.

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Factors Contributing to Losing Jaw Bone Depth

bone grafting marylandIt’s common for bone loss to occur if you have had teeth extracted, repaired, or periodontal disease. In order to restore the adequate bone structure, bone from a tissue bank or your own can be utilized. It’s our goal to help you stay comfortable throughout the entire process and receive outstanding results.

You might have experienced bone loss due to:

  • Gum disease – The disease can also impact the health of the bones that support your gums and teeth.
  • Missing teeth – If you lost your teeth, it is common to lose a large percentage of the bone surrounding where the tooth had been.
  • Traumatic instances – An injury or an infection can cause the bone tissue to recede.

Equipped to Provide Superior Bone Grafting Treatments

At Rochelle Hackley, DDS, LLC, we have state-of-the-art technology that allows us to provide our patients with an advanced level of care. We can carefully review your overall oral health and help keep you educated and informed about how this treatment can help you.