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What Dental Services in Rockville, Maryland Does Insurance Cover?

What Dental Services Does Insurance Cover in Rockville Maryland

Dental care can be extremely expensive, which is why many Americans have dental coverage of some form.

But, just like with health insurance, there are many different types of insurance plans, and some people may have more coverage than others.

Keep reading to learn more about what dental services in Rockville, Maryland dental insurance covers.

What Types of Dental Insurance Plans Are Available?

There are several different types of dental insurance. The categories include:

There are many things you’ll need to know about your specific plan before knowing exactly what you’ll pay for dental services in Rockville, Maryland. Contact your insurance provider for details.

How Much of My Dental Care Will Be Covered?

Again, how much of your dental care will be covered is ultimately dependent on your insurance plan. However, many insurance companies pay for 100% of preventative costs.

They’ll also usually cover 80% of basic procedures and 50% of major procedures. Cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, alignment, and other aesthetic concerns are rarely covered.

Not all insurance companies operate like this though, and some have maximum coverage limits. So, it’s extremely important to understand the details of your specific plan.

The Best Dental Services in Rockville, Maryland Are Just a Phone Call Away!

At Rochelle Hackley, DDS, LLC we go beyond regular dental insurance plans and offer a membership plan service for our patients.

For as little as $20 per month, you can have access to two professional cleanings, two regular exams, one fluoride treatment, routine X-rays, and one emergency exam, as well as 20% off all other services.

Contact us today at 301-917-3964 to learn more about our membership plan and how to sign up!

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