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Help Improve Your Smile With Botox at the Dentist

improve your smile botox potomac

Botox Potomac

Many patients across the country have no doubt heard rumors regarding how Botox can help improve your smile. Thankfully for those living in Potomac, MD, you’re in close proximity to one of the premier dentists in the nation for Botox application, Hackley DDS.

Botox to Improve Your Smile

Botox is a botulinum toxin injectable which can be used to relax the muscles on the face.

While Botox Potomac is traditionally known for its anti-aging and cosmetic purposes, many do not realize that this product is also useful in order to improve your smile.

Gummy Smiles

Botox is a great tool to use for patients who are unhappy with their gummy smile.

For many years this issue was addressed only with surgery.

However, Botox Potomac provides a non-surgical alternative to improve your smile to patients everywhere.

By injecting Botox in to the muscles located in the upper lip, your lip is relaxed more and falls lower to hide your gums more effectively

Lip Lines

Also known as “smoker’s lines,” lips lines are a frustrating part of aging in both men and women.

A Botox injection between the lip and the skin can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth.

A secondary result of these injections can also promote fuller, younger looking lips.

Frowny Smile

Some people naturally have a down-turned smile.

Botox Potomac is able to turn that frown upside down by targeting the muscles in the corner of the mouth.

This simple treatment can create the appearance of a more pleasant demeanor.

How Botox Can Help Improve Your Smile at Hackley DDS

Hackley DDS is proud to offer Botox for patients looking to address any of these issues related to their smiles in and around Potomac, MD.

If you are interested in learning more about how Botox Potomac can provide radiant, younger-looking skin, our qualified professionals are ready to speak with you. You can also learn more about our services by visiting our website here.

To improve your smile, speak with our team at Rochelle E. Hackley DDS Dental Spa in Rockville, MD, to book an appointment by calling us at (301) 917-3964.

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