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General Dentistry 101

general dentist bethesda

General Dentist Bethesda

The general dentist is typically the one health care provider you see more than any other, but have you ever considered all of the services they provide? Today we’ve got your lesson on General Dentistry 101.

The Job of a General Dentist

The job of a general dentist in Bethesda is a busy one. Below are just a few of the daily tasks your general dentist is performing on any given day.

Routine Exams

Routine exams and teeth cleanings are, unsurprisingly, the most common task performed by your dentist.

Typically, these appointments are preventative in nature and include a conversation about oral hygiene and best practices.

Dental Restoration

If your dentist has noticed a dental issue they will schedule an appointment to address that issue in a timely manner.

Cavity fillings, root canals and crown applications are just a few of the restorative treatments performed daily in Bethesda by our general dentists.

Cosmetic Procedures

A dentist is able to help you finally achieve your ideal smile.

Many dentists offer cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding or veneer application for their patients.

And while Hackley DDS offers all of those services, we also offer many cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign, Botox, Hydrafacial and more.

Identifying Heath Issues

Your general dentist is trained to look for warning signs for issues pertaining to your general health.

Something as simple as an oral infection may be an indication of a diabetes diagnosis or cardiovascular disease.

Your dentist is trained to look for any potential health issues in order to send you to the relevant specialist.

Other Services

Other services that your dentist can help you with include help with smoking cessation, nutritional counseling and general health information.

General Dentistry in Bethesda

At Hackley DDS our team of dental professionals pride themselves in providing the highest quality dental care for our patients.

Contact us to learn more about general dentistry Bethesda or call us to schedule your next appointment at (301) 917-3964.

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