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Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Does a root canal hurt? What is recovery like? If your dentist has told you that you need to have a root canal to save an infected tooth, treat a deep cavity, or any other reason, you likely have a lot of questions that you want answers to.

We understand. No one loves having a dental procedure done. But, root canals help you prevent losing a tooth and can make your mouth so much more comfortable.

So, Let’s Get Straight to the Point – Does a Root Canal Hurt?

With the luxuries of modern dentistry, the answer is no. A root canal doesn’t hurt, and it’s no more uncomfortable than any other dental procedure. Before your procedure, the area will be numbed so you don’t feel a thing.

Also, to help ensure that you have a stress-free visit, there are multiple sedation dentistry options available that don’t require general anesthesia, such as conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, and oral conscious sedation.

These options allow you to stay awake during your entire procedure but feel much more comfortable and relaxed. Plus, the more at ease you are, the easier the procedure is for your dentist.

Should I Expect Pain After a Root Canal?

Discomfort is normal after treatment, though it should be minimal and temporary. Pain after a root canal is not very common. Talk to your dentist ahead of time if you know you have a low pain tolerance to help avoid pain after your procedure.

Where Can I Get a Pain-Free Root Canal in Rockville?

Right here, at Rochelle E. Hackley DDS Dental Spa! Dr. Hackley and our care team specialize in sedation dentistry to make your experience in our chair as comfortable as possible. Whether you need urgent dental care or schedule your root canal in advance, we will help your procedure be a pleasant one.

Contact us today at 301-917-3964 to schedule dental care with one of our amazing specialists, and let us help you have a healthier and happier smile free from pain!

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