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Can I Drink Alcohol After My Cavity, or Do I Need to Wait?

Can I Drink Alcohol After My Cavity

Having a cavity treated can be a little uncomfortable, even after your procedure is over. You might be tempted to pour a glass of your favorite wine to help you relax after dental work to improve your oral health.

However, before you pop the cork, you might be wondering, “Can I drink alcohol after my cavity?”

Is Alcohol Safe After a Tooth Extraction? Can I Drink Alcohol After My Cavity?

No, you should wait at least three days to drink alcohol if your treatment for a cavity is a tooth extraction. Some dentists even recommend 10 days.

One reason for this is because a blood clot needs to form over your extraction site so your mouth can heal the right way. If you cause the blood clot to be unstable or become dislodged, you risk developing an incredibly painful condition called dry socket.

Also, refrain from alcohol for at least 72 hours if your cavity treatment involves a filling, as the material used to fill your cavity needs to be able to harden. You should avoid drinking or eating anything at all for at least 24 hours after having your cavity filled.

Tell Me Some Other Tips to Help Me Heal Faster!

The easiest way to help your mouth heal from an extraction or cavity filling is by following all of your dentist’s recommendations. It’s important to avoid exercise for at least three days, leave gauze in the extraction site for as long as needed, and take all your medications, including antibiotics, as directed.

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