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Fast Facts About Thread Lifts From the Best Thread Lift Doctor Near Me

Nothing says you’re growing older like sagging skin and wrinkles. Fortunately, thread lifts are an incredible way to turn back the clock on the aging process without a single stitch.

You’re probably wondering how to learn more and where to find the best thread doctor near me for sensational results from cosmetic treatments. Here’s what you should know!

Thread Lifts Are Not Face Lifts

Thread lifts are much different than face lifts because they are minimally invasive and only take about 45 minutes to perform. Special medical-grade threads are used to pull your skin taut to reduce wrinkles and tighten sagging skin.

Your Collagen Production Gets Boost

The thread used in your treatment is made of a special material that helps your skin produce more collagen in your face. This results in a brighter, more rejuvenated complexion.

You’ll notice dark under eye circles fade, and your cheeks will look more voluminous and youthful.

Get Thread Lifts to Look Ageless With No Downtime

This treatment is considered very low risk, and most people are able to return to their usual activities the same day. Plus, thread lifting has very little risk of scarring, infection, and other issues that may arise with a more invasive anti-aging method.

The Cost for a Thread Lift Is Much Less Than a Face Lift

Not only do face lifts come with a lot of downtime, they are also pricey. The average cost of a thread lift is about $2,250 dollars.

You don’t need to worry about taking time off work, prescriptions, post surgical garments, and all the other extras that come with surgery.

You Can Find the Best Thread Doctor Near Me Here at Hackley D.D.S. and Dental Spa

Dr. Rochelle E. Hackley, D.D.S. is an expert in thread lifts and can provide you with stunning results in facial rejuvenation. If you are still looking for the best thread doctor near me, then search no further than our clinic.

To learn more about thread lifts, call 301-917-3964 today to schedule an appointment.

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