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Are Cavities Painful?

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Are Cavities Painful?

If you’ve noticed sensitivity while brushing your teeth or eating and / or drinking hot or cold items, you may have a cavity. You may also notice that you have constant discomfort throughout the day in the area.

But, what causes cavities and are cavities painful?

How Do Cavities Occur?

Cavities form when tooth enamel is worn down, exposing the inside of the tooth and sometimes even exposing nerves in the gums. Plaque is often to blame for cavities. It builds on the teeth from eating or drinking food and drinks with a high sugar or starch content.

Brushing your teeth removes the plaque that has built up, but if you’re not taking proper dental care, the plaque can become extremely harmful.

So, Are Cavities Painful?

Depending on how advanced the decay is, your cavity may be painful. If you catch the cavity before it progresses too far, you may not experience a high level of discomfort.

The more the cavity progresses and nerves are exposed, the more painful the affected tooth may become. Anything from chewing to talking can cause intense aching and / or throbbing.

What Can I Do About My Cavity? Is Treatment Painful?

Typically, cavities can be filled in a pain-free manner. You may be put under sedation, or novocaine may be used. Either of these methods will help numb the area during filling to make you as comfortable as possible.

The dentist will then begin the process of removing the decay and then filling the hole. Then, your filling is sealed to prevent further decay and pain.

Ready to Treat Your Cavities and Reclaim Your Pain-Free Smile?

At the first sign of oral discomfort, you should see your dentist to determine whether you have a cavity. Are cavities painful? Yes, but they can be treated, and the quicker you are seen, the quicker we can alleviate the uncomfortable sensations of a cavity.

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