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Myth Busters: Does a Root Canal Kill the Tooth?

Does a Root Canal Kill the Tooth? Myth Busted!

Does a Root Canal Kill the Tooth? Myth Busted!

There have been a lot of remarks made about root canals in popular television and movies, leaving people with a lot of misconceptions. Many people believe that this dental procedure is bad and that it can lead to missing teeth.

So, does a root canal kill the tooth? Here’s the scoop on the procedure and whether a root canal hurts teeth or not.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

There are several reasons why your dentist might say that you need a root canal. The main reasons are because you have an injured tooth or a deep cavity.

Common signs you may need a root canal are severe pain while chewing or biting, a chipped or cracked tooth, swollen and tender gums, or deep darkening of your gums.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

You might be in a little discomfort during and after your root canal, but pain is very minimal. Your dentist is trained to perform root canals in a way that you feel no painful sensations. The most pain you feel is from the inflammation in the area where your tooth’s nerve is located, which is what a root canal relieves.

So, Does a Root Canal Kill the Tooth or Not?

No. In fact, it does quite the opposite. A root canal cleans and disinfects your tooth, so it can properly heal. When your tooth’s nerve ending is exposed to swelling and inflammation, you may experience pain in your mouth on a daily basis and be exposed to infection.

This might lead to some serious tooth decay. So, a root canal is actually keeping your tooth alive, and the alternative treatment to a root canal is an extraction.

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