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What Dental Services Will Your Insurance Cover?

dental insurance maryland

Dental Insurance Maryland

What services will your dental insurance cover in Maryland? This is something you will want to have a full knowledge of before visiting your dentist.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the procedures that may or may not be covered by dental insurance in Maryland.

Check Up Visits

The general cost of a dental check-up varies depending on plan, dentist and location.

However, you should always expect your visit to include x-rays, and cleaning in addition to your exam.


Fillings are a necessary solution for teeth with cavities, and to protect your mouth from future dental issues.

Cost can depend on the type of filling used, as well as the location in the mouth where the filling needs to be applied.


When a tooth is not able to be repaired, dentists typically recommend a tooth extraction.

Nonsurgical and surgical extractions but require anesthesia, which can affect the overall cost.


Crowns are placed in order to protect the outside of a damaged tooth.

The material of the crown affects the cost, typically ranging anywhere from $330 to almost $800.

What Services Will Your Dental Insurance Cover?

Traditionally, dental insurance should require a monthly or an annual premium as well as co-payments and upfront costs.

Having a dental insurance plan can help to cover the complete cost of annual and routine care, as well as most of the costs for basic procedures, fillings and root canals.

Additionally, around half of the cost is generally covered for major procedures such as bridges and crowns.

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