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When to See a Toothache Doctor in Rockville, MD for Dental Care

When to See a Toothache Doctor in Rockville

Sometimes a toothache is nothing, but other times it can indicate a serious issue. So, how do you know when to not worry and when to not?

Here is when you should seek dental services from a toothache doctor in Rockville, MD.

When Over-the-Counter Medications Do Not Work, It’s Time to Visit the Dentist

Pain that is so bad that over-the-counter medications do not help can indicate that there is something wrong. In some cases, you may need prescribed medications after a procedure or you may need a diagnosis for your pain.

If Pain Is Not Subsiding Quickly After a Procedure, See Your Dentist

Some pain is normal after most dental procedures such as a root canal. However, if your pain continues or worsens past the point you feel it should, you should contact your toothache doctor in Rockville, MD. Excessive pain after a procedure can indicate that your gums are not clotting properly and you may have dry socket.

Loose Teeth Are Also a Sign

Tooth pain and loose teeth together are not a great combination. These issues can develop into an even worse situation. Try to keep your tooth in place until you can visit a dentist.

As Is Pain That Seems to Come From Your Jaw

Pain from your jaw can indicate inflammation in your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. It can also come from wisdom teeth that are trying to erupt. It is important to have a specialist look at these issues before they get worse.

When You Need a Toothache Doctor in Rockville, MD, We Are Here to Help!

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