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4 Reasons to See the Best Emergency Dentist in Rockville, Maryland

Best Emergency Dentist in Rockville

What counts as a dental emergency? That depends on individual opinion, which makes it difficult to know if you should visit a provider for urgent dental care.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Here’s what the best emergency dentist in Rockville, Maryland has to say!

  • You Have a Loose / Broken Tooth, or You’ve Lost a Tooth

Oral trauma in general requires immediate care, and a chipped or loose tooth is cause for urgent dentistry services. A knocked-out tooth is even more so. It’s crucial that you visit a dentist as soon as this occurs in order to fix the problem and protect your mouth.

  • You Suspect You Have an Infection

Tooth infections can quickly turn into a dangerous complication. Seek medical treatment immediately if you suspect you have an infection. An abscessed tooth can be life threatening, so be on the lookout for fever, tooth sensitivity, tender lymph nodes in the neck area, and / or a bump on your gums near the infected tooth.

  • Your Gums Are Bleeding, Swollen, and / or Visibly Inflamed

Gum health is crucial to healthy teeth and a healthy mouth in general. Injury to the gums is a common dental emergency and can lead to further issues. If you notice bleeding, swelling, inflammation, changes in color, or other suspicious activity, seek treatment.

  • You’re Experiencing Sudden and / or Severe Pain

A toothache isn’t always just a simple toothache. If your pain is persistent and / or severe, it’s time to see a dentist. Pain could imply exposed nerves, infections, and other concerns that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

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