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How Much Does the Best Root Canal Cost in Rockville, Maryland?

Best Root Canal Cost in Rockville

Cost is an important factor to consider when it comes to any dental procedure, though it’s important to never delay necessary treatments like a root canal.

There are many variables to be aware of when it comes to getting the best root canal cost in Rockville, Maryland. So, what’s the scoop? How much can you expect to pay, and what factors into pricing?

How Much Does the Best Root Canal Cost in Rockville, Maryland?

In general, a root canal costs between $300 and $1,500, and there’s no way to give you a more specific price without a consultation. The exact cost depends on a number of variables.

What Affects the Cost of a Root Canal?

The specific tooth in question affects the cost of the root canal. A front tooth is the most affordable, while a molar is the most expensive. A premolar will likely cost somewhere in the middle. This is because treating molars is much more intricate, so the procedure has a higher degree of difficulty.

Your geographic location also plays a role in the cost. This is because areas with a higher cost of living also have more expensive dental procedures. Treatments in large cities and on the coasts tend to be more expensive than other areas.

Another thing to consider is whether your insurance will cover your procedure. Some plans cover root canals while others do not. When an insurance plan does cover this procedure, it likely only covers between 50% and 80% of the total cost, and you may have to first meet your deductible.

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