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What to Expect During a Consult for Oral Surgery in Maryland

oral surgery in maryland

Oral Surgery Maryland

If you are planning to meet with an oral surgeon, you may be entering with many questions surrounding the procedure or even what to expect during a consult for oral surgery in Maryland.

This initial meeting is the ideal time to discuss treatment options and for your surgeon to assess your situation fully.

Information Everyone Should Know About Oral Surgery in Maryland

During this initial consult for oral surgery, your surgeon will likely have a series of questions they must ask you in order to take an accurate account of your medical situation.

You will be asked to disclose your current state of health to include any recent illnesses.

If you have recently had any medical conditions including high blood pressure or diabetes, now is the time to share this information with your doctor.

Be sure to bring along a full list of current medications you are taking, as well as any information on any allergies you may have.

Lastly, your doctor will want to have a complete understanding of where the discomfort is located and for how long you have been suffering.

Extra Exams You May Need

In some cases, your surgeon may need to further examine your mouth or head in order to determine the best treatment plan to meet your needs.

You may be required to submit to diagnostic tests such as dental x-rays during your consultation.

What to Bring With You

Be sure to bring along any x-rays completed by different dentists, insurance information and a list of any questions you may have to your consult.

Learn More About Oral Surgery in Maryland

At Hackley DDS, we pride ourselves in delivering excellence in terms of dental care, especially when it comes to oral surgery in Maryland.

If you believe you may require oral surgery and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hackley, contact our office online or call us today at (301) 816-3232.

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