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Pregnancy Dentist Near Me Rockville

Pregnancy Dentist Near Me Rockville

Searching for a pregnancy dentist near me in Rockville? We can help. Dental health during pregnancy can be stressful. The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can lead to issues with oral health. A good prenatal dentist understands the importance of oral health during pregnancy. Hackley DDS proudly offers prenatal dentistry care in Rockville and the surrounding area. Our compassionate and skilled team are here to help you.

Common Dental Conditions During Pregnancy

Pregnant women have to pay closer attention to all aspects of their health, including dental health. For some women, pregnancy increases the production of plaque. This sudden increase may lead to gum disease, gingivitis, and tooth decay.

Often these issues are related to hormone changes. However, it may be caused by increased cravings for sugary goods, gums problems, and vomiting.

Gingivitis During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often experience cavities, periodontal disease, gingivitis, tooth erosion and more. Gingivitis is particularly common during pregnancy. It affects between 60-75% of pregnant women. Symptoms of gingivitis include bleeding gums, redness, tenderness and swelling. It’s crucial to treat gingivitis as soon as possible. If it is left untreated, it can progress into a more severe form of gum disease known as periodontitis.

Why Dental Care is Important

Expectant mothers should pay close attention to their dental health since pregnancy increases the risk of complications with teeth and gums. These complications can lead to periodontitis, which increases the risk of premature birth and low birth weight. Periodontist is also associated with various systemic health problems. These could further endanger the mother and unborn baby.

Additionally, mothers with preexisting conditions are more susceptible to dental issues.

Dental Health During Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers are often prone to neglect their dental health due to high levels of fatigue and frequent snacking. Additionally, morning sickness can wear away tooth enamel while hormone changes can lead to gingivitis. While it may seem like a small thing, oral health has a direct impact on the unborn baby’s health.

Excess bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and make its way to uterus. This can cause premature labor. Therefore, tis crucial that pregnant women brush twice a day, floss nightly, and keep up with regular dental appointment.

Pregnancy Dentist Near Me Rockville

Pregnancy is a beautiful, but stressful time in a woman’s life. We understand that you have a lot going on, but it’s important that you make time for your oral health as well. Contact Hackley DDS today to schedule an appointment with a pregnancy dentist near me in Rockville.


How Can I Prevent Cavities

How Can I Prevent Cavities?

What are cavities and how can we prevent them? Essentially, cavities are holes in the enamel of your tooth. They can cause pain and discomfort, and if left untreated, lead to more decay. Here are some simple things you can do to prevent cavities.

What is a cavity?

A cavity is a hole in your tooth. In the early stages, it may look like a white spot but over time it will begin to look brow or black. They can be big or small. While they can be in many places, they often form on the tops of your teeth, where you bite and in between teeth, where food gets stuck.

Cavities cause pain, sensitivity, infections, and can even cause you to lose your teeth. The best way to keep your teeth healthy is to prevent cavities.

What causes cavities?

How Can I Prevent Cavities

During the day, the bacteria in our mouth feed off of the foods we eat. Anytime we eat or drink sugar, the bacteria eat the sugar and turn it into acid. This acid stays on our teeth and essentially attacks the outer surface.

Over time, this acid wears down our teeth, creating a cavity. If the cavity isn’t fixed, the bacteria get inside it and travel from the outside of the tooth into the dentin and then the pulp, creating an infection.

Dental infections can be very serious. If you notice redness, pain and swelling in your face or mouth you should seek care.

Higher Risks for Cavities

Anyone can get cavities, but you may be at a higher risk if you:

  • Snack between meals
  • Have cracked or chipped teeth
  • Eat sugar foods or drinks
  • Take medications that cause dry mouth
  • Have a personal and/or family history of cavities
  • Have had head or neck radiation therapy

How to Prevent Cavities

The best ways to prevent cavities are to maintain good oral health and hygiene habits. This includes:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste 2 times a day
  • Floss
  • Limit sweet snacks between meals
  • Limit sugary foods and drinks like candies and soda.
  • Don’t sip or snack on sugary things all day. If you are going to eat/drink them, do so at mealtimes and brush after.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams.
  • Sealants can be placed on the back teeth to help protect them from bacteria causing cavities in hard-to-reach grooves.

For more help with your oral health, please visit Hackley DDS. Let us take care of your teeth and keep your smile healthy and beautiful!

sedation dentistry rockville

The Ultimate Guide to Sedation Dentistry Rockville

Does your child have a fear of the dentist? Or do you avoid the dentist’s office like the plague? If so, sedation dentistry Rockville, Maryland might be the perfect solution. ease some of your anxiety. Used for everything from invasive procedures to routine cleanings, sedation dentistry is a great way to ease dental anxiety. Keep ready to learn whether it’s right for you.

What Is Sedation Dentistry? sedation dentistry rockville

As the name suggests, sedation dentistry uses medication to relax dental patients during their procedures. When it comes to dentistry, there are four levels of sedation that are used:

  • Minimal sedation. The patient is awake, yet relaxed.
  • Moderate sedation. The patient might slur their words, and they probably won’t remember much about the procedure.
  • Deep sedation. The patient is on the edge of consciousness, but they can be woken up if needed.
  • General anesthesia. The patient is completely unconscious.

Types of Sedation Used in Dentistry

Interested in getting sedation dentistry Rockville, Maryland? Your practitioner will likely use one of the following:

  • Inhaled minimal sedation. Essentially, this requires inhaling a combination of nitrous oxide (aka “laughing gas”) and oxygen.
  • Oral sedation. Depending on the dosage, this kind of sedation ranges from minimal to moderate. Most patients are given a pill called Halcion (which belongs to the same family as Valium), which is one of the most common forms of sedation dentistry.
  • IV moderate sedation. The patient receives the sedative drug through a vein.
  • Deep sedation/general anesthesia. Just like in surgical offices, general anesthesia administers medications that make the patient almost or totally unconscious.

Best Sedation Dentistry Rockville, Maryland

To summarize, sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who fear the dentist. Additionally, it’s great for people who have low pain thresholds, sensitive teeth, bad gag reflexes, or are unable to sit still for long periods of time.

If you’re looking for the best sedation dentistry in Rockville, Maryland, you’ve found it at Hackley DDS. Schedule a consult today.