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Schedule Regular Checkups With the Best Dentist in Rockville

best dentist in rockville

Best Dentist in Rockville

If you are looking to schedule regular checkups with the best dentist in Rockville, you are certainly not alone.

Dental check-ups are a great way to consistently monitor for any oral health issues or abnormalities through the gaze of a dental professional.

In fact, the American Dental Association recommends scheduling a check-up with your dentist once every six months for children and adults.

What to Expect at the Best Dentist in Rockville

During your visit to the dentist, you can expect to have many areas of your dental and overall health addressed in order to best serve your needs.

Each visit will usually require you to update any changes to your medical history, and to clearly address any current oral health issues you may have.

Additionally, your dentist will often perform x-ray exams in order to take a closer look at your oral health.

Of course, the most important part of your visit will be the dental cleaning portion, where your dentist can monitor for any signs of decay or disease while also thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums. 

The Benefits of Cleanings

Dental cleanings are a super effective strategy to effectively remove any plaque and tartar build up both above and below the gum line that you may not be able to reach through brushing at home.

Additionally, your dentist is able to polish your teeth and provide cavity fighting fluoride to help protect your teeth.

Next Step Treatments

A regular dental check-up usually concludes with a conversation between dentist and patient to address what was discovered during the visit.

Any evidence of gum disease or decay, identified health risks, or discussion of fillings or restorations are discussed during this time.

Schedule a Checkup With the Best Dentist in Rockville

If you need to schedule your next checkup with the best dentist in Rockville, look no farther than Hackley DDS for all your dental needs.

At Hackley DDS, our team of dental professionals are here to aid in your oral health journey.

Contact us online or call (301)816-3232 to speak with a member of our team.

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