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Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin- Rockville, MD

Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin

Is Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin in Rockville, Maryland Safe?

If you shave to remove body hair, that smooth, hair-free feeling only lasts for about a day. You’re probably thinking that laser hair removal (LHR) is only an option for light skin tones. But, there’s great news! Pick out your favorite shorts, and get ready for laser hair removal for Black skin in Rockville, Maryland.

So, What’s the Scoop – Is Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin in Rockville, Maryland Safe?

Yes! It used to be that the old devices burned, blistered, and scarred dark skin tones because they couldn’t distinguish between the dark hair follicle and skin, but things have changed dramatically since then.

New technology has allowed for nearly all skin types and tones to receive LHR safely. It’s always best to check with a specialist, but most likely you’re an ideal candidate. Look for a practitioner who knows how to properly treat all skin tones and has the best device for darker skin tones.

Cool! How Much Does LHR Cost?

You need several sessions to achieve permanent results, because different hairs on your body are in different stages of growth. So, you need to make time to come back for more treatments.

The cost per session is around $285, but prices vary by the body part you’re treating, the expertise of the person performing your treatment, and your geographic location, amongst other factors.

Where Can You Get the Best Results From LHR in Rockville? Right Here at Hackley!

You can always trust the experts at Hackley D.D.S., L.L.C. and Dental Spa to give you smooth, sexy skin safely. We have the right laser to give you the results you want, to wear whatever you want, whenever you want!

Contact us today at 301-917-3964 to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal for Black skin in Rockville, Maryland!

Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin FAQ


What is the procedure like? laser hair removal for black skin

During treatment, a light-based system emits bright pulses of light onto the treatment area. The hair follicles absorb the light energy, causing them to heat up. This heat damages the follicles and stops the hair growth. Each pulse only takes seconds, making treatment quick and easy to perform.

Why is laser hair removal better?

Unwanted hair is a common annoyance. For many patients, the constant waxing, shaving, and plucking is just as frustrating. So, many turn to laser hair removal. This also eliminates painful and unsightly razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs.

Who can get laser hair removal?

Anyone. Men and women alike can get laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently removal hair.

How does laser hair removal for black skin work?

Laser hair removal uses heat from laser light to disable and destroy hair follicles. This prevents future hair growth.

Is laser hair removal for black skin safe?

Yes. Thanks to new technology, laser hair removal can work on all skin tones.

When will I see results?

Most people see significant results following each session. However, you won’t see full results until you have completed all the recommended sessions.

How many treatments do I need?

Due to the nature of hair growth cycles, multiple sessions are necessary to target all the hair. Not all hair follicles will be actively growing during one treatment, so multiple are necessary.

Most patients need between 5-8 treatments to achieve their hair removal goals. For permanent results, patients may need 6-12 treatments. These treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Patients with lighter hair may need more treatments.

Does laser hair removal for black skin actually save money?

Yes! Recent studies show that compared to the cost of 35 years of continuous waxing, 3 laser hair removal sessions cost only a third of the price.

How much does it cost?

The cost of laser hair removal depends on several factors. However, many medical spas offer discounts on packages and special promotions to make treatment more affordable. You can view our package prices here.

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