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What is Oral Surgery?

oral surgery rockville

Oral Surgery Rockville

While most preventative and restorative dental procedures are nonsurgical in nature, there may be certain instances in which oral surgery Rockville is recommended.

Rest assured, that if you require oral surgery, your general dentist and surgeon will carefully answer any and all of your questions. These may include: What is oral surgery? When is it indicated? What can patients expect from recovery following oral surgery?

Continue reading to learn all about oral surgery Rockville, include common types of treatment and tips for recovery.

What is Oral Surgery Rockville?

Oral surgery Rockville is a dental specialty that involves any surgical procedure performed on the jaw or in and around the mouth. It should be conducted by a dentist who has specialized training and whose expertise extends beyond that of a general dentist.

Why Would I Need Oral Surgery?

In addition to wondering – What is oral surgery? – patients often want to know when oral surgery may be needed.

For many individuals, oral surgery is recommended for impacted wisdom teeth, gum graft, tooth implants, maxillofacial surgery, root canal, jaw and teeth repair following an injury, and tumor removal.

In the event that a patient requires oral surgery, his general dentist will take care to explain the problem and refer a specialist who can perform the appropriate procedure.

What Can Patients Expect from Oral Surgery Recovery?

Depending on the type of oral surgery, recovery can take anywhere from 48 hours to 1 month. During this time, patients should avoid smoking and consuming alcohol, as they can both interfere with proper healing.

Additionally, patients may be instructed to rinse with salt water, rather than brush, to destroy bacteria post-procedure.

Ice is also recommended to help limit swelling and inflammation that can occur with oral surgery.

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