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Tag: Top 5 Benefits of Capped Teeth

benefits of capped teeth

Top 5 Benefits of Capped Teeth

Capped teeth, or dental crowns, are an effective way to repair an injured tooth. Dental crowns help avoid the extraction of a severely damaged or decayed tooth. Dr. Hackley and team offer dental crowns to repair damaged teeth and restore a functional, healthy, and beautiful smile. Here are the top 5 benefits of capped teeth.

Simple Procedure

Restorative dental treatment may sound complex, or intense but dental crowns are a minimally invasive and fairly simple procedure. First, the dentist removes any damaged tissue and cleans the tooth. Then a crown is designed for the tooth. Once it is cast, it sent to the lab to be made.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hackley places a temporary crown. This allows you to eat and function normally while the permanent crown is being made. Once the permanent crown is ready, it is placed over the tooth and becomes a permanent part of your smile.

Relieves Discomfort

Capped teeth are used to repair enamel or structural damage to the teeth. The problems often cause the tooth to become sensitive to temperature or pressure. Once the underlying issue is resolved, the cap is placed to protect the remaining tooth. This protects the tooth and reduces discomfort and sensitivity.

Customized Treatment

Dental crowns are designed to match the shape, size, and hue of your existing tooth. Our office offers different materials to fit everyone’s needs and budget.

Restore Your Smile benefits of capped teeth

Capped teeth are primarily designed to restore injured or damaged teeth. However, they are commonly used in cosmetic dentistry. Since crowns fit over your existing tooth, they instantly correct discoloration, chips, cracks, fractures, and misshapen teeth. In some cases, dental crowns are used to create the aesthetic appearance a patient desires.

Long-Lasting Results

Dental crowns are made from durable materials that are designed to last a long time while standing up to the trauma of biting, chewing, and grinding food. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental care, your crowns can last upwards of 30 years.

Capped Teeth Smile Restoration in Virginia

Patients in need of restorative dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry, can benefit greatly from dental crowns. To learn more, please contact Dr. Hackley, DDS, LLC today.