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Tag: Everything You Need to Know About a Medical Spa Groupon

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Everything You Need to Know About a Medical Spa Groupon

On the hunt for a Medical Spa Groupon near me? Allow us to stop you right there. While they sound great in theory, a medical spa Groupon is actually not-so-great for businesses (and even worse for customers). Here’s why: 

How Groupon Appears

Groupon persuades businesses to offer their products and services at incredibly low rates. Why would they do this? Well, Groupon claims that their discounts will inspire a business to increase sales over time. 

How Groupon Actually Works medical spa groupon rockville

Groupon looks like a terrific sales opportunity, right? Well, not really. Groupon works by offering the services of local businesses at majorly discounted rates. Then, when the customer purchases the services, Groupon collects all the money. Groupon will take 50% of that money as a commission for themselves, and the other 50% goes to the provider in three installments. 

Should I Look for a Medical Spa Groupon Near Me?

In short, the answer is no. Purchasing a medical spa Groupon near me is bad for both businesses and their customers. Why? Well, not only are businesses making just 5% of their original profit, but they might struggle to accommodate the new Groupon customers. When businesses struggle to keep up, their quality of service is usually the first corner to cut. 

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