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How Much Are Retainers to Maintain Orthodontic Treatment Results?

Maintain Orthodontic Treatment

After teeth straightening, the next step in orthodontic care is retention. Treatment to help straighten your smile is not permanent, so it’s important to follow your next step in your care plan by wearing a retainer.

Without a retainer, your treatment to align your teeth will eventually fail as your teeth shift. Now, you’re likely wondering how much are retainers, and you can rest assured that they are affordable.

Just Exactly How Much Are Retainers?

There are several types of retainers, including permanent retainers, Hawley retainers, and plastic retainers including Invisalign Vivera. They range in price depending on the type of retainer. Permanent retainers cost between $250 and $500 for one of $500 to $1,000 for a set to treat both the top and bottom teeth.

Hawley retainers cost between $150 and $300 for one and $300 to $600 per set. Invisalign retainers, which can be worn whether or not you used Invisalign to straighten your teeth, run slightly higher at $300 to $750 per year. However, for that price, you get new retainers delivered to you every three months.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Retainers?

Your insurance plan may cover part or all of your retainer costs. If your plan covers two-part orthodontic care, then it covers treatment and retention, meaning your retainer will be covered. The cost of your X-rays and fitting for your retainer will also be covered. If your care does not cover retention, then you will be expected to pay out of pocket.

Where Can I Get Orthodontic Care, Including Alignment With Invisalign Retainers?

For amazing orthodontic care, from diagnostics and treatment to retention, choose Hackley Dental Spa. Call us today at 301-917-3964 for Invisalign, retainers, or other orthodontic needs! We make getting great care convenient and affordable, so keep your smile in place with retainers from Hackley.

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