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What’s a Cosmetic Spa, and How to Choose the Best One?

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That’s it, you’ve had it with dull, tired-looking skin! You need a spa day, and you don’t mean manicures and mud baths. You want real results; you want a cosmetic spa.

But, what’s a cosmetic spa, and how to choose the best one?

So What’s a Cosmetic Spa, and How to Choose the Best One?

Cosmetic spas, also known as medical spas, are places where you can get treatments like Botox, dermal fillers, and HydraFacials. Basically, cosmetic spas are a medical clinic and a traditional day spa hybrid.

The biggest difference between a cosmetic spa and a day spa is the kind of services they offer. You can’t get medical procedures, like injectables, done at a day spa, but you can receive traditional services, like a basic facial, at a cosmetic spa. So cosmetic spas have more to offer. Most importantly, cosmetic spas must be overseen by a medical doctor. Even though every procedure doesn’t need to be performed by a doctor, they are still supervised by one.

The best way to choose a cosmetic spa is to think about your goals. If wrinkles and fine lines are a big concern, then you need a cosmetic spa with Botox. However, if you’re struggling with acne, you may want to try a HydraFacial.

Why Should I Choose a Cosmetic Spa?

Cosmetic spas are a perfect way to get comprehensive care of any kind of skin issue. There is no other place where you can smooth out wrinkles AND take care of acne under the supervision of a medical professional.

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