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Body Contouring: All About Evolve

Body Contouring: All About Evolve

Are you concerned about loose and droopy skin on your thighs and stomach? Today we discuss the benefits of body contouring: All About Evolve. 

What Is Evolve?

Evolve consists of three body sculpting techniques powered behind a radiofrequency technology to eliminate fat, tighten your skin, and tone your muscles. 


EvolveTrim is the body sculpting portion of the Evolve family. 

During this treatment, RF energy is used to reach deep into your skin to target cellulite and to recontour your body. 

You may experience a tugging sensation during EvolveTrim but it should otherwise be a pain free procedure. 


EvolveTone uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote muscle contractions in the treatment area. 

This is a great way to target specific muscle groups that may not have been responsive to diet and exercise alone. 


EvolveTite tightens your skin for a smoother, more contoured look. 

Another benefit of this treatment is that it can improve your blood circulation. 

How Many Evolve Treatments Are Required?

Each patient is different which means every patient requires a different number of treatments until they have reached their desired results. 

To get an understanding of the number of treatments required to meet your body goals, you should meet with a board certified professional with extensive experience with these body contouring devices. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for Evolve?

Evolve is an ideal treatment for any man or woman who is frustrated by loose and sagging skin that has not responded to diet and exercise. 

This is also a great treatment option for patients who want their issues addressed, but who do not want to undergo surgery. 

Body Contouring: All About Evolve

At Hackley DDS we are proud to offer many different treatments to help you look and feel your very best, including Evolve. 

To schedule your Evolve treatment consultation with Dr. Hackley call us today at (301) 917-3964.

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