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Are Veneers Covered by Dental Insurance?

Are Veneers Covered by Dental Insurance?

Are you jealous of the celebrities flaunting their gorgeous smiles and find yourself wondering: are veneers covered by dental insurance?

After all, we all want the Hollywood treatment, and if a set of perfect teeth is affordable who wouldn’t consider that option?!

Dental Insurance Protocol

In general, dental insurance will cover a treatment or procedure if it falls under the following categories:

  • It is medically necessary to treat decay or disease
  • It is medically necessary to treat an injury or accidental dental issues
  • It is considered to be a non-elective issue (not aesthetic) such as to correct a bite

A dental procedure is often considered to be an elective or cosmetic one if it meets the following criteria:

  • It is a solely aesthetic procedure which serves no medical purpose
  • The teeth or tissue underneath is not decayed, injured or impaired in any way
  • It is not a medically necessary procedure

Because of this, veneers are not typically considered to be a medically necessary procedure and thus are not usually a covered expense.

When Might Veneers Be a Covered Procedure?

There are circumstances where your dentist can argue that your veneers are medically necessary.

For example, if your dentist is treating a medical issue such as gum disease or missing teeth they can argue that they need to restore the health of your mouth by treating the issue and topping it off with veneers.

Call Your Insurance Provider

The best way to learn about which cosmetic procedures might be covered within your current plan is to reach out directly to your insurance provider.

Are Veneers Covered by Dental Insurance?

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