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What Do Hygienists Do? Your Quick Guide to This Dental Professional!

What Do Hygienists Do?

In every profession, there are multiple people with different titles who make the office work. When you go to the dentist, the first person you see is the receptionist. Once you get in the room, you meet the dental hygienist, followed later by the dentist.

The majority of your time will most likely be spent with the dental hygienist. But, exactly what do hygienists do? If you want to learn more about this professional that you spend time with in the dentist’s chair, read on!

So, Tell Me What Do Hygienists Do?

Hygienists are responsible for dental services such as cleaning teeth and making sure there are no signs of disease. Every state is different in defining exactly what they can do with patients. Generally, they are responsible for educating the patients, especially children, on the proper ways to take care of their teeth. 

How Long Does It Take to Be a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienists can start practicing after obtaining a certificate, typically within 16 weeks to six months. Students often choose a two-year hygienist program to obtain an associates degree, although that is not necessary.

Schools that offer dental hygienist programs must be accredited, and students must pass the class and the exams in order to obtain their certificate. This includes not only course work but also an externship in which they work hands-on in a dentist’s office for a specific amount of time. This must be completed before they can sit for the exam.

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