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The 3 I’s of a Root Canal Consultation

The 3 I’s of a Root Canal Consultation

Are you experiencing swelling, heat, or pain in a tooth?

It’s essential to consult a dentist to understand the issue and if a root canal can help.

Wondering what will happen during the consultation?

Let’s understand.

Root Canal Consultation

This consultation with a dental specialist aids in diagnosing and managing tooth infections at the roots. During this consultation, the specialist will determine if they can save your tooth or if extraction is a better option.

A root canal treatment is required to save a badly painful or broken tooth. The only alternative to this is tooth extraction, which has multiple disadvantages.

Should You Get a Root Canal Treatment?

An untreated tooth infection may result in swelling, pain, or abscess formation. In such cases, a root canal is crucial.

The treatment can also help badly broken down or heavily filled teeth.

However, the treatment can be done only when an adequate tooth structure is present above the gum.

Three “I’s” of the Consultation?

Your specialist will examine your tooth to decide whether a root canal treatment can help or better alternatives.

A few things they look at making this decision include:


They will check the tooth for the presence and extent of tooth infection. The dentist will also look for an infection in the surrounding gums.


In some cases, a tooth fractures after an injury. If the injury exposes the nerves of the tooth, it will need a root canal.


The dentist may carry out radiography of the tooth to see injuries and infections invisible to the naked eye.

After the consultation, the dentist will provide you with the benefits and the potential complications. They will also explain what will be done during the treatment.

Looking for a Root Canal Consultation in Rockville?

In our conveniently located Rockville dental office, Dr. Hackley and our staff are highly qualified professionals well-versed in the latest developments in the field.

We will always try our best to save your teeth whenever we can.

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