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Benefits of PRP Facial Rejuvenation in Rockville

Benefits of PRP Facial Rejuvenation in Rockville

Facials have long been a popular choice for self-care, evolving from a luxury to an essential treatment in recent years. With ongoing advancements in medical science, facials have become safer and more effective than ever before.

What is a Facial?

Many of our clients often arrive with skincare concerns but may feel uncertain about where to begin. To appreciate the remarkable benefits of PRP facial rejuvenation in Rockville, it’s essential to grasp the concept of a facial itself.

A facial encompasses various skincare treatments tailored for the face, including facial masks, chemical peels, exfoliation, and more. Ultimately, a facial enhances the health, strength, quality, beauty, and youthful appearance of facial skin without resorting to costly invasive methods.

What is a PRP Facial Rejuvenation?

A PRP facial rejuvenation in Rockville, also known as a vampire facial, is an advanced skincare treatment that taps into your body’s natural healing abilities. This procedure earns its nickname from the initial step of drawing your blood. Blood consists of four main components: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets.

The magic of PRP occurs when the platelets in the plasma are concentrated. This involves separating all blood components based on density to achieve high concentrations of platelets in the plasma, excluding red and white blood cells.

Benefits of a PRP Facial Rejuvenation?

Increased Collagen Production

Around age 25, collagen production in your body significantly decreases and continues to decline over time, leading to visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. A PRP facial rejuvenation in Rockville stimulates collagen production by inducing controlled micro-injuries with fine needles during microneedling. This process triggers the healing response, prompting the skin to regenerate new, stronger collagen. While immediate skin tightening is noticeable, optimal results develop over several weeks as new collagen forms.

Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles

A common reason for seeking a vampire facial is to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment promotes cellular turnover, replacing old skin cells with new ones rich in collagen and elastin. The skin naturally tightens as it responds to micro-injuries, reducing the appearance of both fine lines and deeper wrinkles by plumping hollow areas of the face.

Tighter, Firmer Skin

Collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. As skin ages, it tends to sag, particularly in areas like the lips and cheeks. A PRP facial helps restore firmness by boosting collagen production, allowing for natural facial contouring without invasive procedures.

Improved Moisture Retention

Strengthened skin barriers resulting from increased collagen levels enhance moisture retention and protect deeper skin layers from external pollutants. Despite reducing the appearance of pores, the treatment actually improves the skin’s ability to absorb prescribed moisturizers, promoting overall hydration.

Enhanced Skin Tone and Texture

Whether addressing acne scars, surgical scars, or hyperpigmentation, a PRP-enhanced facial improves skin tone and texture by stimulating the growth of healthy new skin cells. Visible improvements can be seen within days after treatment, offering a rejuvenated complexion.

Minimal Discomfort

Before commencing a vampire facial, the skin is meticulously cleansed to remove any impurities. A local anesthetic is then applied to minimize discomfort during the procedure, ensuring a pain-free experience despite the sensitivity of areas such as the eyes and mouth.

Efficient Treatment Duration

The PRP process, from blood drawing to centrifuge processing, is surprisingly swift. Drawing blood takes only a short time, with centrifugation lasting between three to five minutes. The entire treatment, including microneedling and PRP application, typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the treatment area size and number.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike some anti-aging treatments that require frequent maintenance, a vampire facial offers lasting results with just one session annually or biennially. Compared to traditional microneedling, fewer sessions are needed to achieve similar outcomes, making it a cost-effective and time-saving option.

No Downtime Required

Traditional microneedling may result in noticeable redness lasting up to a week. However, incorporating platelet-rich plasma into the treatment accelerates healing, minimizing downtime. This ensures minimal disruption to daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Simple Preparation

Preparing for a vampire facial is straightforward. Prior to treatment, clients are advised to wear sunscreen daily for a week, increase water intake to 64 ounces per day for three days, and arrive with a clean, makeup-free face. These simple steps optimize treatment effectiveness and ensure a smooth recovery process.

PRP Facial Rejuvenation in Rockville

At Hackley DDS, Dr. Hackley is committed to helping her patients look and feel their very best. We offer a variety of cosmetic services to our patients along with our standard dental care. To learn more about the services we offer please visit our website today.

Microneedling with PRP in Maryland

Vampire Facial | Microneedling with PRP in Maryland

Microneedling with PRP in Maryland is a great way to address acne, wrinkles, sun damage and much more. You may have heard of microneedling before. Microneedling is a treatment which uses controlled micro-injuries to stimulate your skin’s natural healing process. Adding PRP to this treatment, also known as the “Vampire facial”, has grown in popularity due to celebrity endorsements and the interesting treatment procedure. 

What is a “Vampire Facial”?

The Vampire facial is taking mirconeedling to a new level. The facial actually uses your own blood’s special healing cells to improve your skin tone and smooth out any imperfections by using platelet-rich plasma. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is derived from a small sample of your own blood.  PPR is used because it contains a variety of growth factors and other beneficial proteins.

On the day of your treatment, a small sample of blood will be drawn and then spun in a centrifuge for roughly 15 minutes. This causes the various components of blood – including platelets – to separate by density. Your clinician will then extract the PRP in order to harness its powerful skin-healing effects.

How Does Microneedling with PRP Work?

microneedling with PRP Maryland

After a small blood draw, your clinician will apply a topical anesthetic to your face. Then they’ll pass over it with a microneedling pen or derma-roller. These devices prick tiny holes in your skin, stimulating its natural healing processes – and creating channels for the PRP. In addition, the tiny breaks in the skin stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin which allows for facial rejuvenation by reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and scars.

Next, your clinician will massage the PRP into the treated areas of the skin. This helps the platelets and beneficial growth factors in PRP penetrate deep into your skin so they can work their rejuvenating magic. Finally, your clinician will apply a balm to your face to reduce redness and irritation. The treatment usually takes less than two hours in total, and it has little to no downtime. Many patients return to work the next day. For the best results, patients should avoid direct sunlight and minimize their use of personal skin care products for the first few days of recovery.

What Skin Conditions Can Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treat?

Microneedling (with or without PRP) can improve a variety of skin conditions, including:

  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Wrinkling
  • Sun damage
  • Scarring caused by injuries such as burns
  • Hyperpigmentation

Microneedling and PRP in Maryland 

Dr. Hackley and our knowledgeable and compassionate staff are dedicated to providing the best spa services to help extend that beautiful glow.

For more information on mirconeedling  in Rockville, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

What Is a PRP Facial?

What Is a PRP Facial?

As we age, wrinkles and fine lines begin to creep across our faces. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, the PRP facial helps lessen those effects. Keep scrolling if you want to learn more about this popular facial treatment.

What Is the PRP Facial?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facials are not cosmetic procedures but medical procedures. The practitioner (in our case, Dr. Hackley) takes a sample of the patient’s blood and isolates the protein-rich plasma and platelets. The high level of growth factors contained in the PRP helps the body heal, which is why dermatologists use PRP facials to stimulate the growth of collagen.

How it Works prp facial rockville

During your PRP facial, the practitioner takes a tiny amount of plasma from your blood and applies it directly to your skin. Then, we micro-needle across the forehead and cheeks to assist in the absorption of proteins. Both the micro-needling and the PRP stimulate collagen and elastin growth, supporting your skin’s natural repair process.

PRP Benefits for Face

The PRP facial is uber-beneficial for people struggling with wrinkles, sun damage, or acne scarring. As we mentioned, PRP encourages cell proliferation, which leads to an increase in both elastin and collagen. And as a result, the skin appears fuller, tighter, and overall smoother.

Is PRP Safe?

Sometimes referred to as the ‘vampire facial,’ it might sound daunting. However, PRP facials are safe for a wide variety of skin types. And while there might be some mild swelling or bruising, symptoms subside within a few days.

PRP Facial Near Me

Interested in getting a PRP facial in Rockville, Maryland? With 25+ years in the industry, Hackley DDS has helped countless patients achieve the glowing, radiant complexion of their dreams. Now, we’d love to do the same for you. Contact our team to get started.

PRP Skin Treatment

What is PRP Skin Treatment?

Ever heard of PRP facial treatment? Sometimes known as the ‘vampire facial,’ this popular cosmetic procedure is known to rejuvenate aging or damaged skin. Keep reading to discover whether this procedure is right for you:

What is a PRP Facial?

So, what exactly is a PRP facial? Well, this groundbreaking facial treatment injects platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the face. If you didn’t already know, PRP is a component of blood containing growth factors and proteins that promote healing. And when injected into the skin, PRP improves texture and tone, reduces wrinkles, and supports the growth of collagen.

Vampire Facial Benefits PRP skin treatment

Wondering whether a vampire facial is right for you? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Minimize crow’s feet
  • Reduce sun damage
  • Lighten undereye circles
  • Tighten and tone the skin
  • Increase collagen production
  • Promote healthier skin overall
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Minimize acne damage and/or scarring

Who is a Candidate?

One of the best things about PRP facial rejuvenation is that anyone can do it. It’s effective for any and all skin types, and we recommend it to anyone interested in exploring anti-aging and skin rejuvenation techniques. It’s also a popular cosmetic procedure to get before important events, like weddings.

How Long Do Results Last?

Your results will emerge within a few weeks and continue to improve over time. However, how long they last depends on the overall quality of your skin. At the very least, expect results to last anywhere from 6-12 months. And if you want them to last even longer, we recommend working with Dr. Hackley to come up with a long-term care plan.

PRP Facial Rejuvenation in Rockville, Maryland

Interested in getting PRP facial rejuvenation in Rockville, Maryland? Dr. Hackley and her team are the best in the industry. Contact our team to learn more or schedule an appointment today.

What is Microneedling with PRP

What is Microneedling with PRP?

Are you struggling with acne scars, sun damage, or wrinkles? Microneedling with PRP (aka the “Vampire Facial”) can help. Endorsed by celebrities and dermatologists alike, this cosmetic procedure has gained tremendous popularity in the dermatology world.

Today’s blog post will explain what microneedling with PRP is, how it works, and who should get it. Let’s dive right in!

What is PRP?

PRP (which stands for platelet-rich plasma) is derived from a sample of the patient’s own blood. Because it contains a variety of growth factors and beneficial proteins, it has powerful skin-healing effects.

The Procedure Explained microneedling with PRP

The procedure begins by drawing a sample of your blood, which your clinician centrifuges to separate the PRP. While it’s centrifuging, your clinician will apply a topical anesthetic to your face. Then, they’ll prick tiny holes in your skin with a microneedling pen (or derma-roller), which creates channels for the PRP and stimulates collagen production.

The microneedling portion of the procedure usually takes about 30 minutes. Then, your clinician will gently massage the PRP into the treated areas of skin. Doing so ensures that the PRP penetrates the deeper layers of skin. After they’re finished, the clinician will apply a balm to your face to reduce redness and irritation. In total, the procedure will last about two hours.

What Does Microneedling with PRP treat?

Microneedling (with or without PRP) can improve a wide variety of skin conditions. This list includes:

  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Wrinkling
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Injury scarring (like burns)
  • and more!

Top-Rated Dermatologists in Rockville, Maryland

Microneedling with PRP can improve your skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance. So, if you’re interested in this cosmetic procedure, stop by our office or contact us today. Dr. Hackley and her team would be happy to answer your questions and determine if this treatment is right for you.