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Baby Botox in Rockville

Guide to Baby Botox in Rockville

…No, it’s not injections designed for babies. Instead, baby Botox (aka micro-Botox) is a trending version of the popular cosmetic procedure. If you’re interested in learning more, stay tuned. Today’s blog post reveals what is baby Botox, as well as its benefits.

What Is Baby Botox?

So, what is baby Botox? Well, like the traditional procedure, baby Botox aims to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The cutesy name simply refers to the fact that it uses “baby” amounts of toxins to do so.

Why Get Baby Botox?

Instead of using 30 to 40 units, baby Botox only requires about 10 units in highly targeted micro-injections. Because of that, it yields smoother, natural-looking results. We recommend baby Botox to anyone looking to merely dip their toes in the world of Botox. It’s also a great option for younger people (in their 20s) wanting to prevent fine lines before they emerge.

How It Works baby botox rockville

Baby Botox follows the same procedure as traditional Botox – but with a “baby” dose of the toxins. Therefore, the results are less dramatic, and the face looks a bit more natural. Here at Hackley DDS, we use baby Botox on the facial areas most prone to wrinkles and lines (the forehead, crow’s feet, brow furrows, jawbone, lips, frown lines, and the neck).

What To Expect

One of the reasons patients love baby Botox is because it requires very little recovery time. In fact, many people return to work immediately after the procedure. Results usually appear in about a week, and just like regular Botox, they last about two or three months.

Best Baby Botox Practitioner in Rockville, Maryland

So, what is baby Botox? Well, we hope that today’s blog post gave you the answer. If you’re interested in getting Baby Botox in Rockville, Maryland, Dr. Hackley and her team are here for you. Stop by the office or contact our team today.