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How Much Is a Root Canal in Rockville, Maryland?

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If you struggle with a cracked tooth, your dentist might suggest a root canal. The procedure allows the doctor to remove the infection, clean the tooth, and seal the cavity.

If you’re recommended a root canal, the first question that may come to your mind is the associated cost.

Let’s understand more about the procedure and its cost.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Before going ahead with the expense, let’s have a quick look at the treatment.

A root canal is a procedure in which a dentist removes the pulp from a tooth. By doing so, they halt the spread of infection and stop the pain in the tracks.

The dentist drills a part of the tooth, hollowing it out until the pulp is removed. This cavity is filled with a synthetic substance.

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

On average, a root canal costs between $600 and $1500.

Various factors influence the cost of the procedure, including the location of the tooth, the extent of your problem, the location of the clinic, and the expertise of the dentist.

If you have dental insurance, it will cover anything from 20% to 80%, or even 100% of the cost.

Associated Cost

Tooth Restoration

After a root canal, the dentist restores the tooth. Options include:

  • Filling: It’s the best option where decay is minor. The cost of filling ranges between $ 50 to $250.
  • Crown: It’s the option for cases with severe decay, and the cost ranges between $1000 to $1500.


X-rays help your dentist understand whether a root canal is essential. The price of an X-ray is between $25 to $150.

Emergency Services

In rare cases, a root canal might be performed on an emergency basis. Such patients may incur additional costs between $25 to $500.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

If you need more information, turn to our experienced Rockville dentist and the team at Rochelle E. Hackley DDS Dental Spa today.

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