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Can I Have Alcohol After a Root Canal?

Can I Have Alcohol After a Root Canal?

Going into a root canal, you may have questions prepared ahead of time that your dentist can answer to help put your mind at ease.

One common question, “Can I have alcohol after a root canal,” is often asked by patients who want to make sure they do the right thing after treatment for the healing process. Read on to learn about how alcohol affects your root canal experience.

So, Can I Have Alcohol After a Root Canal?

In short, no.

Alcohol should be avoided after a root canal for many reasons. Drinking alcohol thins your blood and hinders the healing process.

This can cause excessive bleeding, bruising, and swelling. A reduced healing ability can also make the healing process take longer.

Alcohol and pain medications together can overwhelm your liver and kidneys. This can cause significant damage to your system, and it is never wise to combine the two whether or not you’ve had a root canal.

When you consume alcohol, you can feel dizzy and sleepy. This may mask any side effects from your root canal. Recognizing those side effects can be important when it comes to communicating your symptoms to your dentist.

Be conscious of your eating and drinking after a root canal, because your mouth will be numb, and this can make it easy to bite your own cheek or spill on yourself.  In general, you should stick to cool liquids and soft foods. You should also try to eat on the side of your mouth that has not being treated.

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