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Can I Drink Wine After Botox?

Can I Drink Wine After Botox?

Can I Drink Wine After Botox, or Is It Okay After Anti-Aging Injections?

You’re ready to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after noticing them creeping in recently, so we get the concern leading you to ask this question.

You aren’t the first person to ask, “Can I drink wine after Botox,” and you certainly won’t be the last! It is a very valid question, and you’re right to find out an answer before wining, dining, and Botoxing.

Okay, the Answer You’ve Been Waiting For: Can I Drink Wine After Botox? Yes!

But here’s the catch…

You do need to wait. We recommend waiting about five days before breaking out the wine glasses. No, we’re not just trying to take away your fun. There’s a valid reason you should avoid wine, or any alcoholic beverage for that matter, after cosmetic injections.

Here’s Why You Should Wait to Partake:

Alcohol can dehydrate your skin. Your results won’t look as nice if your skin is dehydrated. Also, dry skin may affect how long your Botox lasts.

Alcohol thins the blood, which can lead to something called “Botox bruising.” To help avoid bruising at your injection site because of thinner blood, it’s best to avoid alcohol before and after Botox.

Alcohol may affect how you react to Botox. If you’ve never had Botox before, you definitely need to wait before drinking wine after injections. You may have a reaction to injections that is covered up by alcohol.

Where Should I Go for Sensational Botox Results?

Now that you know it’s best to wait a few days after asking, “Can I drink wine after Botox,” you can confidently book your appointment and know that you should avoid waiting to pop the cork. For more answers to all of your Botox questions, contact us online. To book an appointment for cosmetic injections, call us today at 301-917-3964!

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