Do feelings of fear and anxiety come up when it is time to go to the Dentist? Then Conscious Sedation may be an option for you. Conscious Sedation will provide you a totally relaxed and completely comfortable way of getting your dental work done that is easy and safe. This type of sedation does not require the use of IVs and allows the patient to be very sleepy and relaxed while still being able to verbalize your needs. The sedation staff will monitor you throughout the entire procedure which includes the use of a pulse oximeter (medical device that monitors the oxygen saturation in the blood and blood pressure). Conscious Sedation is achieved through a series of medications administered, here in the office, by the Doctor. They contain an amnesiac as well as a heavy sedative. There is little memory of the visit and you are relaxed for the remainder of the day. A preliminary visit with the dentist is standard of care to ensure that you are a good candidate. Come in today for more information about this relaxation option!