Massage Therapy

Body Treatment w./Massage


Express Focus Massage                                                         $50

Having a rough day? Why not let our massage therapists target the focus area of your choice for quick relief. You will be amazed how we can melt the stress away withing minutes. Includes hot towel and steam.


Sea Buff Body Treatment                                                      $75

A must-have prelude to all body services! Our sea-salt body polish is customized with aromatic essentials to restore vital nutrients and reveal silky,  soft skin. (30 Minutes)


Halycon Polish Body Treatment                                       $110

Give your body the polish needs with our gentle and refreshing body smoothing treatment. The finale to this highly effective total body peel is a moisturizing application of body firming lotion, which leaves the skin silky smooth, supple and radiant. (75 Minutes)


Invigorating Leg/Feet Treatment                                       $75

Perfectly suited for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet as this toning treatment improves circulation, relieves fatigue and reduces swelling. Includes massage, scrub and exfoliate to remove any unsightly calluses. (40 Minutes)


Tranquil TMJ Massage                                                          $40

(20 Minutes)


Massage and Facial Care.

The primary goal of massage is to encourage relaxation, healing and well being through touch. We believe regular massage alleviates symptoms of stress, bringing balance to your life. Our team of professional aestheticians and massage therapists combine a variety of techniques to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and reduce anxiety. The following massages and facials are available in the privacy of our spa:

Elise’s Relaxation                                                           $60/$75

A blend of calming essential oils, soothing music, hot towels and gentle massage promote optimal relaxation. With a focus on massaging the neck, shoulders, head and feet, this treatment will create cool tranquility and is designed specifically for those who experience high anxiety during dental appointments. Relax and enjoy this treatment either before or after you dental procedure for maximum comfort and stress relief.

(25/50  min)


Swedish Serenity                                                 $60/$75/$110

Relax your mid while improving circulation for the entire body. Swedish massage uses a combination of strokes and pressure-point work for overall balance and relaxation.

(25/50/80 min)


Relaxing Reflexology                                                              $65

Using pressure-point massages techniques (usually on the feet, but also hands and ears), will restore the flow of energy throughout the body. A very relaxing treatment, which can affect all areas of the body by reducing stress and tension and creating a sense of well-being.

(25 min )



De-stress Deep Tissue                                       $65/$85/$120

A stronger, more invigorating massage, this treatment provides exceptional relief for chronic muscle tension and is highly effective for stress reduction. Deep tissue massage involves point specific work and deep muscle manipulation.

(25/50/80 min)


Awe-inspiring Aromatherapy                        $60/$80/$110

Splendid essential oil blends are customized for you. We combine your customized blend of oils with therapeutic massage techniques, your tension and stress will melt away.

(25/50/80 min)


Remarkable Reiki                                               $65/$85/$125

Meaning “universal life-force energy”, a scientific method of activating and balancing the life-forced energy present in all living things. Techniques are applied to the entire body, channeling energy to organs and glands, and aligning the chakras (energy centers). Intended to relieve acute emotional and physical conditions.

(25/50/80 min)


Tranquil TMJ Massage                                                           $45                                                       

This addresses jaw pain and tension by focusing on the head, face and neck muscles involved with grinding and clenching. It is highly recommended before and after long dental procedures.

(25 min )


The Brief Escape                                                                       $45

This massage quickly relieves stress, tension and soreness while improving circulation with long, soothing strokes. Works specifically on the back, neck, and shoulder muscle groups.

(30 min) 25 min